The Sunflowers

"Great Stuff!

I've seen The Sunflowers perform all over town, I've bought this album (C'mon an' Swing in My Tree!) for many friends and everyone can't stop raving about how wonderful it is for both the children and the adults."  --Los Angeles based blogger, Word of the Dia, writing an iTunes Consumer Review.

The Sunflowers are Terri Taylor and Michael Taylor Fontaine, two seasoned performers whose credits range from appearing on Broadway, network TV series, variety shows, and movies for television, to performing on theatre and variety stages all over the United States and in six foreign countries. After the release of their CD/board book, "C'mon an' Swing in My Tree!," illustrated by Giselle Potter, in 2005, they quickly became one of Southern California's top live kids and family music acts.  They have since released a second CD, "Porcupine Parade," and are currently working on a third album. The Sunflowers are now very happy to reside in Portland, Oregon, where Michael also teaches at Oregon Children's Theatre.

Michael Edelstein, Event Producer and Owner of The Entertainment Group in Los Angeles, California says, "Michael and Terri are amazing entertainers and they have great messages to share, plus they come with their own wonderful scenery. These guys are great. Would somebody please give them their own TV Show!"

Bob Stane, former Owner of the world famous Ice House in Pasadena, California says Terri and Michael "...are serious about having fun. They put the entertainment in the entertainment business!"



                                                                                Photo by Jerry Buteyn